Currently the dangers and effects of drugs or narcotics and drugs on the lives and health of addicts and their families are increasingly troubling.
Like two sides of the drug currency into substances that can provide benefits and also damage health. As you well know, there are several types of drugs that are included in the types of drugs used for the healing process because of their calming effects. However, if used in excessive doses, can cause addiction. This abuse initially because the user feels a pleasant effect.
From this arises a desire to continue to use in order to get peace of hallucination. Although the effects of drugs are already known by many people, it still does not reduce the number of users.
The dangers of drugs to become addicted can indeed be cured, but it would be better if you stop using them as soon as possible or do not use them at all.

Definition of Narcotics (Narcotics and Drugs)
Narcotics are substances or drugs that are natural, synthetic, or semi-synthetic which cause effects of decreased consciousness, hallucinations, and excitability.
These drugs can be addictive if they are overused. Utilization of these substances is as a painkiller and provides calm. Abuse can be subject to legal sanctions. To find out what types and dangers of drugs for health, consider the following review.
Types of narcotics (narcotics and drugs)
The content contained in these drugs can indeed have a bad impact on health if abused. According to the Law on Narcotics, the types are divided into 3 groups based on the risk of dependency.

Narcotics Group 1
Group 1 narcotics such as cannabis, opium, and coca plants are very dangerous if consumed because of the high risk of causing addictive effects.

Narcotics Group 2
While group 2 narcotics can be used for treatment as long as it is in accordance with a doctor's prescription. There are about 85 types of this group, some of them like Morphine, Alfaprodina, and others. Group 2 also has high potential to cause dependency.

Narcotics Group 3
And finally, group 3 narcotics have a fairly mild risk of dependence and are widely used for treatment and therapy.

As mentioned above, there are several types of drugs that can be obtained naturally but some are made through chemical processes. If based on the ingredients, the types of narcotics include:
Synthetic Narcotics
This type is obtained from a complicated processing. This group is often used for medicinal and research purposes. Examples of synthetic narcotics such as amphetamine, methadone, dexamphetamine, and so on.

Narcotics of Semi-Synthetic Type
Processing uses the main ingredients in the form of natural narcotics which are then isolated by extracting or using other processes. Examples are Morfin, Heroin, Codeine, and others.
Natural Narcotics
Marijuana and Koka are examples of Narcotics that are natural and can be used directly through a simple process. Because the ingredients are still strong, these substances are not allowed to be used as medicine. The danger of these drugs is very high and can cause adverse effects on health if misused. One fatal result is death.
Dangers and Impacts of Drugs on Life and Health
Circulation and the effects of drugs at this time are very disturbing. The ease of getting these hazardous materials makes users increase. Do not know the sex and age, all people are at risk of experiencing addiction if you have tasted this dangerous substance.
Although there are several types that are allowed to be used for medicinal purposes, but still have to get close supervision from a doctor. There are many dangers of drugs for life and health, including:
Abuse of these substances can cause electrolyte balance to decrease. As a result the body lacks fluids. If this effect continues, the body will spasm, appear hallucinations, more aggressive behavior, and a feeling of tightness in the chest. The long term effects of dehydration can cause damage to the brain.
Hallucinations become one of the effects that are often experienced by drug users such as cannabis. Not only that, in excess doses can also cause vomiting, nausea, excessive fear,
as well as anxiety disorders. If usage lasts a long time, it can cause worse effects such as mental disorders, depression, and constant anxiety.

Decreased Level of Consciousness
Users who use these drugs in excessive doses, the effect actually makes the body too relaxed so that awareness is drastically reduced. Some cases the user sleeps continuously and does not wake up. The loss of consciousness makes the body's coordination disrupted, often confused, and changes in behavior occur. The impact of drugs that are quite high risk is memory loss so it is difficult to recognize the surrounding environment.
The worst effects of drugs occur if the user uses these drugs in high doses or known as overdoses. The use of methamphetamine, opium, and cocaine can cause body cramps and if left unchecked can cause death. This is a fatal consequence that must be faced if it becomes addicted to narcotics, life is at stake.
Quality of Life Disorders
The dangers of drugs are not only bad for the condition of the body, the use of these drugs can also affect the quality of life such as difficulty concentrating at work, experiencing financial problems, to have to deal with the police if proven to violate the law.
The use of narcotic substances is only allowed for medical purposes in accordance with doctor's supervision and also for research purposes. The rest, these drugs do not have a positive impact on the body. There is, the quality of life is disrupted, relationships with families are chaotic, health is deteriorating, and the worst is death. Therefore, do not try to use these dangerous items because the risk is very high for life and health.

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