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Destroy your dreams and family for narcotics

freedom or death Hi, how are you, friend? Have you guys today thought about choosing between drugs or your family or your dreams? let's make your choice, then pursue your dreams of living happily with your partner, or living with narcotics, having children who also use narcotics, hmmm isn't that fun? I'm waiting for your comment here.

The most popular narcotics

The most popular narcotics Drug trafficking is now a popular criminal case internationally. Drug users also do not know the age and country because this vicious pill attacks anyone and anywhere. In some countries, captured drug users and dealers are given heavy sentences, ranging from decades of imprisonment to capital punishment. Knowledge of illegal drugs and their effects must be known so that we do not fall. Here are the five most popular types of drugs in the world: 1. Heroin Heroin is an opium that is processed directly from opium extract. Heroin was originally created to help cure morphine addicts. Heroin spreads to the brain and blood and creates a feeling of europhia such as orgasm around the intestine. Opium from heroin is high, once tried it wants to continue to consume it. 2. Cocaine Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Substances in cocaine cause a decrease in appetite and the creation of feeli


Narcotics Currently the dangers and effects of drugs or narcotics and drugs on the lives and health of addicts and their families are increasingly troubling. Like two sides of the drug currency into substances that can provide benefits and also damage health. As you well know, there are several types of drugs that are included in the types of drugs used for the healing process because of their calming effects. However, if used in excessive doses, can cause addiction. This abuse initially because the user feels a pleasant effect. From this arises a desire to continue to use in order to get peace of hallucination. Although the effects of drugs are already known by many people, it still does not reduce the number of users. The dangers of drugs to become addicted can indeed be cured, but it would be better if you stop using them as soon as possible or do not use them at all. Definition of Narcotics (Narcotics and Drugs) Narcotics are substances or drugs that are natura